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    Look! What is the process and documentation for distributed PV filing?

    Industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plants

    The principle of territoriality still applies to the filing of distributed industrial and commercial PV projects. As compared to household PV projects, in addition to the more documents required, enterprises also need to go to the city, county and district energy authorities for filing. First of all, the enterprise should fill in the application for approval of the investment project on the online supervision platform of the local province, fill in the relevant information of the declared project, and the relevant departments should issue the record-keeping certificate of the Enterprise's investment project after the examination, as one of the supporting documents for project filing.

    02 filing information 

    1. Basic situation of Project Units 

    2. Project name and construction site 

    3. Scale and content of construction

     4. Total Project Investment 

    5. Statement of project compliance with industrial policy, etc. 

    03 documents to be prepared 

    1. Application for construction of Photovoltaic Power Project 

    2. A copy of the business license of the Enterprise

     3. Corporate Land Certificate, and other supporting documents for the legitimacy of

     4. Copy of legal person 

     5. The original power of attorney, the principal's Copy

     6. In the case of a commercial or industrial roof lease, the use of the roof property rights of the lease contract

     7.5. Enterprise Power Supply Agreement, a contract energy management projects need to provide EMC Energy Management Agreement

     8. The load check calculation book issued by the corresponding qualified unit, stating the load safety conclusion; 

     9. Technical proposal issued by the Qualified Design Unit; 

    10. Power Grid companies issued project access opinions 

    11. Bank account information and information of the corresponding account holder

    12. Corporate credit reports 

    13. PV project online application form Project Application Report or project proposal
    (Note: Not all of the above documents are required)

    In order to strongly support the development of PV, many places have issued a request to further simplify the PV project filing process. On June 29 this year, Changshu introduced a policy to revise the record-keeping of distributed solar power projects, which eliminates the collection of paper materials, simplify the filing application materials as well as the“Two card is not complete” the situation made provisions to further simplify the project filing process.

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