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    Reflective Thermal Insulation Film Manufacturers Share: Building BIPV technology will be popular in the future, these photovoltaic tiles worth your learning!

    According to data from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) , our buildings account for more than 30% of the country's total carbon emissions. At the same time, our country is adding about 2 billion square meters of building area every year, therefore has formed our country construction domain“The volume is big, the growth speed is fast” the basic present situation. Building as a large energy consumption, how to achieve energy saving and emission reduction becomes particularly important, BIPV has become a hot spot in the photovoltaic technology market and solutions. The following reflective thermal insulation film small series and we know about it!

    Using high-resolution satellite remote sensing images, we can see that the total area of rooftop resources available for photovoltaic Gross leasable area in China is 117.91 billion square meters, and the area of the county seat is 35.88 billion square meters, rural areas cover an area of 82.03 billion square meters, with a total roof area of 41.24 billion square meters, cities and counties cover an area of 13.94 billion square meters, and rural areas cover an area of 27.3 billion square meters. Great application potential of architectural integration! The following reflective thermal insulation film manufacturers continue to introduce some of the leading overseas roof photovoltaic tile products!


    Roof tiles the roof tiles produce energy that effectively powers a home. Simply installed in a standard tile position and fully integrated into the roof surface, they create a clean modern finish. Innovative low-carbon technologies made from materials are an ecological asset that improves environmental performance, saves on electricity bills and prevents energy costs from rising.

    It is a modern renewable energy company with a completely new approach and a passion for design. They understand the importance of your project and focus on adding value.

    By designing a system that can barely be seen from the roof, the manufacturer prides itself on being different. Manufacturers believe performance should stand out, not tiles. Manufacturers can work with you to create custom solutions that provide quality performance and visual impact, ensuring that you always get the ideal packaging to complement your projects. Manufacturers for different types of customers and project types to provide services, you can trust the products and you can trust the service, let you rest assured, because you know your project security.

    Why do you recommend this product?

    1. Planning friendliness helps mitigate planning problems by meeting building codes and addressing visual impact issues.

    2. Careful low-key system and the surrounding tiles into one, to create a non-glare finish, and home design complement each other.

    3. Compatibility is ideal in combination with other green technologies, such as air-source heat pumps and battery storage, both on-and off-grid.

    4. Fully adapted to the system is designed to meet specific energy needs. Up to 98% of the roof area can be covered, thus greatly increasing the total output potential.

     5. The ultralight adds only 5.8 kg/m 2. It imposes less load on the structure and is easier to handle, transport and install. 

    6. Low-maintenance smooth tile surfaces require only water to help keep them naturally clean. 

    7. It reliably withstands harsh conditions to ensure durability and performance in a variety of climates and locations. 

    8. Too convenient to install as part of the roof tile process, reducing material and labor costs.

    How does this work... 

    Fasten to slats like regular roof tiles and clamp together simply along the roof. The number of tiles you choose to install depends on the amount of energy you need. Custom-designed assembly lines mean that only two cables enter the house. These connect a collection of tiles to an inverter, which converts the resulting energy into clean, sustainable electricity for your appliances. Designed to be fully compatible with battery storage solutions and to complement other green technologies such as air-source heat pumps. The customization of the manufacturer's system makes it ideal for a variety of roof types and layouts, including those that do not fit traditional panels. Flexibility allows us to cover 98% of the available surface area, greatly improving ergonomics and productivity, thus generating more renewable energy per roof.

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