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    In 1972, the UK was the first to peak carbon, followed by the EU in 1990, and in 1995, the technical team joined the eu-led Austrian Energy Research and Development Corporation, join forces with Israel, Canada, Australia and others to start the planning process for global carbon neutrality. In this process, the joint development of low-carbon environmental protection radiation heat barrier technology.


    In April, he entered China to promote technology and continue his research on China's climate and environment. At the same time in the technical system to upgrade and adjust. July developed reflective aluminum heat insulation film products, in line with GB8624-2012(building materials and products combustion performance classification) fire retardant B1.


    In January, an in-depth study of China's climate and environment, combined with thermal calculations, concluded that energy-saving calculations were appropriate for China's regions. A technology promotion unit was set up in Shanghai to drive state-owned enterprises, foreign companies and local standards.


    Through continuous improvement and innovation and optimization in July, the various design structures and technical schemes suitable for Chinese building structures can meet domestic building codes and standards. The reflective aluminum heat-insulating film technology is upgraded to Grade A of noncombustible in accordance with GB8624-2012(classification of combustion performance of building materials and products) . A technical promotion unit was set up in Guangdong in September.


    May in Suzhou set up technology promotion units, mainly in the Yangtze River Delta region as the main core, and to the central region and the Pearl River Delta region radiation. In November, after many years of technical innovation, it successfully entered into 17J925-1《 Sheet Metal Construction 》 and 18J820《 Design Standard for fabricated residential buildings 》 published by China Academy of Architectural Design Standards.


    In June, the Ministry of Climate and environmental technology was set up to solve technical difficulties and to integrate temperature data to optimize technical parameters and combine with materials to convert technical results. The Ministry of Science and Technology was set up to conduct market analysis, collect and collect all kinds of information, in-depth in different areas of the program. August in Shandong to establish a technical unit to promote the promotion of northeast, northwest and other cold areas, improve and strengthen thermal insulation performance.


    In March, nanoradiometric technology research institute was set up in Guangdong Province, and promotion technology unit was set up in the southwest region. In November, the Ministry of Clean Energy was set up to optimize photovoltaic power generation systems, and to explore new energy-saving directions by closely linking technological development with energy storage systems.


    In May, the headquarters moved to Huqiu District, and in September, a 5G digital animal husbandry research center was set up in Jilin, and in November, a division was set up to make effective use of technological development characteristics in the light of different climates and environments in different parts of the country, to form a new energy management system suitable for the individual development of each region


    Through the development of radiant thermal barrier technology, combined with the different characteristics of different fields, the core is brought into the ESG development system, and the sustainable development ecology of enterprises is constructed. In March, Suzhou set up ESG and Contract Management Division in May, Shanghai set up ESG and Contract Management Division in June in Tianjin, Beijing set up ESG and Contract Management Division in July, Chongqing, Chengdu set up ESG and Contract Management Division in August, Shenzhen, Guangdong set up ESG and Contract Management Division


    To Be Continued...