We provide you with information about freedom to set prices, about how to calculate legal fees, about the professional practice liability where lawyers have acted with malpractice and about the citizen’s right to fee arbitration.

Fixed Rates
  • A brief consultation (not exceeding half an hour) resolved immediately: €50
  • Drafting of agreements: simple agreements, from €250 / complex agreements: from €1,000
  • Drafting of legal reports: simple reports, from €300 / complex reports from €1,200
  • Conciliation and preliminary claim: from €185
  • Visits out of the office: from €150/half a day (in addition to the fees for the professional work)
  • Fees for notarial and similar documents (powers of attorney, notifications or certificates and other documents): from €120
  • Drafting of bylaws of community associations, other associations and legal persons and their formation and extinguishment: from €300
  • Preventive arrest of vessels: from €2,000, based on the type of vessel, the number of days and location in port, vessel operations, the amount of the attachment, etc.)
  • Others
Blended Rates
  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • In-person consultation that may be resolved immediately: €90
  • Brief consultation by telephone / e-mail that may be resolved immediately: €60
  • Management of simple proceedings: €70 per hour
  • Public Law jurisdiction: €100 to €150 per hour (depending on complexity and time involved)
  • Civil-Commercial jurisdiction: €110 to €200 per hour (depending on complexity and time involved)
  • Labour jurisdiction: €70 to €110 per hour (depending on complexity and time involved)

These rates do not include taxes / expenses or travelling costs / case charges.
An extra charge will be added for overtime as agreed (approximately 15%).
An extra charge will be added for hours for which English is the language used (approximately 20%).

Value/Success Fee

A low hourly rate and an additional sum on achievement of the expected outcome are established. The additional sum may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount obtained. This is an agreement whereby the lawyer and the client share the benefits of a successful outcome. The lawyer does not assume all the risk but is motivated to achieve the success of the case.

Conditional/Contingent Fee

In accordance with lawyers’ ethical rules, the lawyer and client must enter into a fee agreement subject to a written contingent fee clause at the start of the representation relationship, whereby they must establish the portion of the recovered amount to be received by the lawyer. In general, the fee is set as a percentage of the amount collected. An additional percentage may be added if the case goes to trial once again or is appealed at a higher court. If the outcome is unfavourable the lawyer does not receive or only receives the fixed amount agreed upon, together with the contingent fee.

The code of ethics of the Spanish legal profession no longer prohibits contingent fees and the Spanish Supreme Court (Supreme Court judgment of 2008) has set the following limits on contingent fees: between 15% and 20% of the amount claimed, notwithstanding that a higher amount may be agreed upon (Supreme Court judgment of 2013).

Court Fee – Phased Fee

The criteria for setting fees in court matters are determined in accordance with the amount of the case and the recommended rate published by the bar association of the Catalan or Spanish province where the case takes place. In Barcelona, criterion 7 of the Recommended Criteria for Professional Fees for the assessment of legal costs included in the link located in the “Services – Fees” section of this website applies.

Retainer based requests

These cover general legal advice and exclude litigation, in accordance with the terms of the contract for services agreed upon (price, term, response time, etc.). A number of hours per month is agreed upon for a specific amount which is paid in monthly instalments. For example, advisory services totalling 6 hours per month for a regular client may cost €500 excluding VAT.

Fees for regular clients (Firmwide Marketing Discounting)

As part of a client loyalty-building strategy, if a client concentrates its requirements for advisory services in our law firm, we can establish a discount on the total annual billings if a pre-established amount is reached.