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Port law
  • Regime governing Spanish State and Autonomous Community Ports: land spaces, maritime waters and port facilities.
  • Responsibilities of port authorities: State ports, port authorities and Autonomous Community Ports (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Cantabria).
  • Liability claims of port authorities and port workers due to the functioning of services provided.
  • Liability for port traffic operations (entries, exits, docking, undocking, stays and repairs of ships in port and transfers from ship to land and by other means of transport of all manner of goods, fish, provisions and passengers or crew, and temporary storage of such goods in the port area).
  • Claims prior to civil court proceedings.
  • Port security (accesses, road safety, occupational risk prevention, emergencies).
  • Risks and insurance.
  • Occupation of the public domain (permits and concessions).
  • Administrative eviction.
  • Licences for the provision of services.
  • Specifications governing port services.
  • Port services (port towing, mooring and unmooring, piloting, receipt of ship waste, passenger services, goods handling).
  • General services (supervision of sea and land port traffic, lighting, police, land and sea cleaning, control of emergencies).
  • Commercial services and suspensions of services.
  • Maritime signalling services.
  • Port fees and tariffs.
  • Public contracts (works, utilities and services).
  • Port infringements and penalties.
  • Agreements with public authorities.
  • Abandoned ships, boats and vehicles.
  • Scrapping.
Transport and shipping law
  • Transport claims by sea, air and land (national and international transport contracts, cargo damage, lack of delivery, liabilities, …)
  • Maritime law claims (damage to ships and cargo and bodily injuries, …).
  • Disputes in transport payments, cargo retentions and others before the Transportation Arbitration Boards (in Barcelona we are at three minutes from the Arbitration Board).
  • Ship and transport insurance.
  • Delays and compensations.
  • Loss of baggage.
  • Pollution.
  • Maritime salvage and towing.
  • Merchant marine infringements and penalties.
  • Bodily injuries to crew members, passengers, stevedores, shipyard and workshop personnel.
  • Attachment of ships and lifting of attachments.
  • Port State Control retenciones.
  • Maritime transport contracts (bill of lading).
  • Chartering.
  • Flag registration and deregistration.
Nautical and marina law
  • Regime for marinas.
  • Lease of boats.
  • Port areas reserved for nautical and sports activities.
  • Damage to boats and insurance.
  • Liabilities.
  • Safety.
  • Registration of boats and changes of list.
  • Infringements and penalties.
Commercial, company and insurance law
  • Mercantile contracts
  • Insurance contract.
  • Sale contract.
  • Parking contact.
  • Agency contract.
  • Others.
Civil law
  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Monetary claims and debt claims.
  • Contractual and extracontractual civil law liability.
Employment law
  • Conciliation proceedings.
  • Penalties.
  • Dismissals.
  • Substantial changes in working conditions.
  • Prevention of occupational risks and occupational accidents.
  • Sexual and employment-related harassment.
Customs law
  • Control by Customs (Quality, Security, public health, etc..
  • Import and Export rights.
  • Infractions and Sanctions.


In line with the fee scales provided as a guideline by the Barcelona Bar Association. The fee is subject to the agreement between the lawyer and client, enabling us to be cost competitive.

Depending on the viability of the situation or case, success fees may apply. We issue a PROFESSIONAL ASSIGNMENT SHEET, detailing the actions to be taken and the cost of our services.

Corporate Social Responsibility at law firms means ProBono work. Lawyers are responsible for providing ProBono legal services due to the function of our profession in society and our implicit commitment to a just and fair legal system. We offer this service to crew members, stowaways and other disadvantaged groups. You can also collaborate with Stella Maris by contributing with the monthly amount of one euro to the Project created by “Friends of Stella Maris” at “” (